Melissa Falyards

I have just finished the book Bed Rest and I am a picky reader. If it is not interesting by the end of the first chapter...that's it. I'm done with it. This book was GREAT! Loved it! I found it at the dollar store actually and thought well okay it's a couple of dollars. I'll give it a try. I'm now on ordering Sleepless Nights and can't wait to get it. Keep up the great work Sarah!

--- Thanks so much, Melissa, hope you enjoyed SN too.

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  • ABOUT THE NOVEL:Juggling a new baby, a husband, and a troubled younger sister, Quinn "Q" Boothroyd reassesses her life, her home, and her career in this funny and poignant tale of modern life.

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Real-Life Parenting Stories

  • I'm putting together real-life stories about the first year of mothering. Click on the blue link above to read the whole archive.
    If you'd like to send me a story yourself, I'd love to read it: either add your story as a comment or write to me directly at Sarah DOT Bilston AT Yahoo DOT com. Don't worry about grammar, this doesn't have to be a work of art! I'm just interested in hearing other people's experiences of, for example, - Colic - Sleep Deprivation - Mother's (or father's, or sister's) interference - Managing a marriage and a new baby - Mixed feelings about going back to work - The best thing about having a brand new baby.

Sleepless Nights - The Story Behind

  • The story behind the story:
    Sleepless Nights is partly about my own experience adapting to being a mother. I have three children now, so I like to think I know what I'm doing... But when my first child came along I was completely, utterly clueless. I already had a job, I had a house, I was turned thirty; I was supposed to be a proper grown-up. But when my daughter came along I was thrown. I remember in the hospital praying that the nurse would keep on changing my daughter because I couldn't figure out which way round the diapers went. And it went on from there... So the novel is partly about the millions of small surprises, and partly about the 'bigger' issues most of us face - like, how on earth can I still have a life of my own and be a good mommy?


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  • Bed Rest Diary
    Link to my other site - a fictional blog by Q, heroine of my first novel, Bed Rest - with notes and tips on coping with pregnancy bed rest.
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