Ronnie Cheek

Hello Sarah,

Greetings from the Nashville area! Hello, my name is Ronnie Cheek. I would like to take a minute of your time and introduce myself. I am an illustrator artist and have just produced my first book. The experience of writing it has been so much fun and extremely challenging- as I am sure you found yours to be as well! In addition to creating the story, I also put 16 of my own personal illustrations in it (with two of them on the front and back cover). I studied art at the Harris School of Art in Franklin, TN and have been painting different genres over the years. After completing and publishing my book I thought I would offer my services to others, like yourself, who wish to share their ideas with the masses and potentially use my skills to portray the images you wish to convey.

Check out my web site and see if my style of painting fits your needs. Thank you for your time and I am looking forward to speaking with you soon!

Sincerely, Ronnie Cheek

Contact info:
Ronnie Cheek
2835 Franklin Pike
Lewisburg, TN 37091 Contact web site:
Art web site:

Keri Mikulski

Hi, Sarah,

I featured SLEEPLESS NIGHTS in my SOUTH JERSEY MOM magazine December column. Please send me an address so I can mail a copy to you.

Have a wonderful holiday season.

Keri Mikulski


Hello Sarah!

Thanks very much for wonderful time that I have reading "Bed Rest"!I am from Russia and hope to see Sleepless Nightes very soon in book shops!


-- Thanks a lot Ekaterina, very nice to hear from Russia!!

Katie Hughes

Hi Sarah! I read both within weeks of getting them and loved them!

I am thinking of having a writers series at Perk on Main on Thursday nights for about 8 weeks. Any chance you might be interested in coming and doing a reading/signing?

Thank you,

Perk on Main


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